Monday, 28 July 2008

Fête du Livre Monpazier


Livre = Books.  It seems the French are pretty keen on books and at this time of year there are quite a few book markets which specialise in antique books and everything else from 2nd hand trashy novels to unspoiled original print runs.

Villefranche had a 'marche du livre' a two weeks ago. Yesterday was Monpazier's turn and as expected it was bigger and more touristy.

Ange tells me she found a few good €1 bargains, although as I stayed home with the kids I am unable to verify the exact transaction amount.

The best thing about these markets for me is the huge collections of hard-cover comic books.  You must know of Tin Tin, Asterisk and similar titles but it seems to me that the french have developed this popular culture into an art form for all ages.

I just love these books and just wish I could understand the story lines better.  I'm a real fan of the art and have been practicing drawing the different styles of characters.  Anyway back to the story of the book market, I also ventured out and managed a few purchases of my own so I shouldn't be giving Ange a hard time.  

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