Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Tuesday Tune-Up


The long road home


Preparing the bush tucker, I should point out I only found one of these!!


Villefranche back street

Welcome to the Tuesday ramble:

  • It has been a quiet week: On Friday and Monday we helped out a friend with some house painting and then on Sunday checked out a fête in a nearby village but otherwise not much else to report. 
  • Except that the weather has been crap. We had two going on three weeks of raining and generally miserable days. It has been very unseasonable and all the locals are complaining bitterly, I'm just hanging out for it to change.
  • Managed to fit in a mushroom hunt in the woodlands around the house on Friday evening.  I was very privileged to be shown all the best places to collect them.. I'm planning to get out again tomorrow - I love mushrooms.
  • The garden is going well, thanks in part to the weather and we are now enjoying lettuce and onion fresh from the garden.  Blog pending.
  • A big congratulations to Lorien and Sean on the birth of Liam.  Thanks for the photo's guys and good luck for getting any sleep in the next few weeks.
  • Alex, the mad Dutchman from Auckland, arrives this Thursday for a brief visit on his way to his sisters wedding.  I have been taking it easy on the alcohol and feel I'm just about ready. Daja vu - it's going to be tough. 

The boys had good fun at the fête of Prats du Périgord, a small village in the same school district as le Got.   Ange and I missed out on entering the mini duathlon, it looked quite good - oh well next time.


Check out the difference in the pictures of St Cernin below: the first was taken on 1st April - the other on 31st May
Saint Cernin de lherm StCernin

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