Friday, 13 June 2008


Too Lazy to Blog, at least it feels that way. 

I could try peddle the excuse that our computers have been switched off a fair bit owing to some bad thunderstorms. While this is true (our neighbour's computer was fried on Monday night) the real reason is that I have been lost in a book which I started on Sunday and only finished yesterday.

Such a pity about the Tuesday Tune-up - there is always next week.

The Book
Ange hates it when I get sucked into a book but the family seems pleased to have me back. The book was "The Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Follett, it is fiction novel loosely based around historical events in the XIth Century in England and France.  It provides a good insight into what medieval life would have been like, I give it 7 out of 10.

The Weather
Is slowly improving. Sun was out today and we all had a few swims in the pool.  Ange and I went for a long run and took on a few decent ascents (actually three).  We're hoping for a cycle tomorrow but we need some more sun and no more thunderstorms.  The big guy's phone must be on the blink, I'll have to send him a txt.

The Dutchman
He came, he saw, he ate, he drank (a little) and then he left. It was really good to catch up with Alex late last week, by now he should have arrived in Italy for his sisters wedding.  Alex I hope all goes well for the wedding and the trip home.  Also hope that the shocking defeat that the Dutch will suffer tomorrow against France doesn't put a damper on your mood. It is only sport (aller le français).  Some pictures of his visit are still pending (Aka TLTB).

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  1. I hope your still alive to how amazing what your doing is.

    I know your season travellers but when you consider most of the residents of this planet dont move more than 100 ks from where they are born. Wicked.

    Im even excited about TLTB. I dont buy the thunderstorm story Im just assuming you found some special mushrooms while foraging.

    Disappointed that our Esteemed leader didnt get into trouble, we are in his absence :)