Friday, 23 May 2008

May Poles


Gosh the pressure I am under now to write this blog. Don has already tempted everyone with one of my maypole photos for our Tuesday tune-up, now I have to front with something else interesting for the reading public.

Well, the start of the maypole story begins when our closest neighbour all of a sudden had this 'monument type structure' in their driveway, aka a maypole.

He had stood for the local council and and yes he was successful and as tradition goes here in France (and they are BIG on tradition) the locals turn up with this big maypole which they duly erect in your driveway in recognition of your new standing as a councillor for the village. If you look closely at the photos you can see the words HONNEUR ELU which translate to "honour of being elected" in English.

You may be interested to know that councillors are elected here for 6 years, not 3 like in NZ, so great news if you want a big project done and completed, not so good if you want to get rid of them (I guess.....)

So as we have been driving around different villages over the past few weekends we keep seeing these maypoles and we know "oh someone there has been elected to the council" etc, etc.

It is quite liberating actually, imagine the months needed to obtain planning consent in NZ to get this sort of thing erected.

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