Friday, 23 May 2008

Market Day - Libos (Fumel)

Ange checks on the goods on display.
Lots of garden stalls, time of the year to get gardens planted.
Cool collection of garlic and onions.
Everything is available, here a butcher stall is setup next to a stall selling aprons and table cloths, opposite is a row of fashion outlet stalls.
A speciality wine and liqueur vendor. He had this amazing collection of prunes and other dried fruits, along with their bottled cousins.

Thursday is market day in Monsempron-Libos which is adjacent to Fumel township.

It is one of the bigger markets in the area and we jostled with throngs of market goers to navigate down the narrow passageways. I took the camera along and took some sneaky shots "from the hip" (literally).


Looks like something has caught Ange's eye, I'll have to go back and "rescue" her.


This is a map of the Fumel area. Our main destination for shopping trips 23 kms away. While made up of a number of towns everyone seems to refer to it as Fumel.

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