Sunday, 10 February 2008


Decided to treat the boys to a Pizza lunch, celebration of completing their first week of school in France.  After a good feed we took a stroll through Monpazier, the "sister" village to Villefranche around 20km away.
IMG_0989 IMG_1004
The pizza was well worth the trip - I think we will be back.

IMG_1001  IMG_0988 IMG_1011

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  1. Hi

    Just got a google alert for Monpazier and it linked me to your blog.

    You have an interesting story and I hope you enjoy your year.

    I know the area very well having lived with my family for a year near Monpazier having holidayed there for may years previously.

    We live here permanently now (ne Monflanquin).

    Enjoy your experience.