Sunday, 10 February 2008

Football Practice

Photo borrowed courtesy of "This French Life" 
Jack had his first football practice today.  The coach is actually our nearest neighbour and is a really nice guy. He came over this morning to explain how everything worked, in French of course, but we managed.  We need a medical certificate & some paperwork etc - that was expected:)

The coach has two kids (8,11 years), his youngest and Jack are only 5 days apart and they are in the same class at school.  I'm sure all the boys will hit it off.
Football practice is a bit of a family affair with cake and coffee for the parents. It was really pleasant and well organised. 

After the game Jack was invited back to house of his new friend to play, we are off to pick him up at 6pm and have been invited for a aperitifs.

The football club has a web site, I couldn't find it so will have to ask for the address.

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