Saturday, 16 February 2008

Daily Chores

Our new local.....

Yes the daily pilgrimage for fresh bread is now a well established routine involving considerable planning and thought. There are two boulangerie's in Villefranche and we have favourite selections from each.




While not a daily chore, collecting "eau de source" is another routine. While the tap water in France is fine to drink; this natural source of fresh water just outside the town is a regular stopping place for us locals:)

We use it for the coffee machine - so we get through a few litres each week.

We are starting to meet more locals, a lady from St.Cernin introduced herself today while we were out shopping in Villefranche. She either lives next to the Marie (Mayors office) or she is the mayor of St.Cernin. The think it is the former as I'm sure I have meet the mayor already. In any case she was very friendly.

Actually everyone has been very friendly.

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