Sunday, 2 September 2012

Cooper Roofing Disaster

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Check out the mess in the roof above the main bedroom

This is all the junk the came out of the roof space above the double bedroom alone!

Cooper roofing were brought in as a sub-contractor on a major renovation project run by Selah Renovations. We were promised a large team working in sections to ensure that no part of our roof was left uncovered and were told that the work would take 3-5 days maximum. What we got was two useless roofing contractors who turned up late and left early, it took three weeks to replace the roof (and seven weeks to finish the job).  We had three weekend were we had poorly erected tarpaulins covering different parts of our roof, on the first weekend we had some major leaks and were only saved the following two weekends by our own interventions.  Their attitude and approach was appalling.. We had a fixed price quote for $18,000 and the replacement roof ended up costing us $30,000.  Not to mention the cost of the resulting delay to our overall project. Yes it was the middle of winter but Coopers seemed to have an aversion to working on sunny days and only did work went rain was forecast.  They also left a complete mess of construction junk in our ceiling cavity which I had to clean out.  Check out the photos of this element and more of the story on our blog at  I strongly advise caution - there are better roofing contractors out there. 

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