Monday, 28 May 2012

Tuesday Tuneup

It's been a full on day:  I completed my third radiotherapy treatment at 6:30am this morning before jumping on a plane to Wellington for work.  I was a bit nervous about pulling off such a tight schedule but its been a good day - lots done and the client is happy.  I have a short stint in office tomorrow before heading back north for an afternoon ZAP session.  My treatment plan is to a have a session each week day for next 4 weeks (20 in total) - while this is routine, it is still quite a lot more zapping than I imagined. I'm also now the proud owner of three tattoo's - tiny dots really - one on chest and one each side of rib cage. Very stylish - if you happen to have a magnifying glass to view them.   No smart aleck comments please.

The radiotherapy routine is arrive, lie down, line up dots with laser, turn on whirly machine, listen to whirly noise for couple minutes and then good to go.  There are no real side effects, at least in the short term,  you don't feel sick or experience any pain. There are two technicians who administer the treatment and it takes quite of bit of their maneuvering effort to get the body perfectively aligned.  For once I'm pleased that we are dealing with the chest area as it is a "shirts off but keep your pants on" type of deal.  If the treatment is at the other end than you get issued with a sarong and I reckon its best not to think about how that would work out.

Also have to report on another successful sporting weekend..  we had three convincing rugby victories and a soccer triumph on the Saturday just gone.  Jack has rejoined his old soccer club, Glenfield Rovers. They were beaten 10-0 last weekend and when approached they were very keen to have their old striker back.   Our opponents this weekend were Kristin School and Jack really played out of his skin, especially considering he had just played a rugby game an hour before.  He set up a goal in the first half; then with scores level and a minute left on the clock; he ran an intercept break from half way; drew the goalie out and took the ball right to the goal mouth before hammering it home. THEN he collided head-on with the far goalpost, fell back and was visibly dazed for a few minutes.  It was funny, worrying and spectacular all at the same time. A true Kodak moment but I had unfortunately left the Canon at home.

Other fun news is that our builders start tomorrow on the first part of the renovations. We have been planning these changes for at least 14 months, they seem to have dragged on forever. Tomorrow they start on building the new front bedroom, which will become a temporary lounge while demolish the living area. I will have to get some pictures posted, especially interesting for any of you foreigners who are unfamiliar with the concept of old wooden buildings.

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