Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Chemo Round Two

Tuesday 21 Jan..  Round Two begins.  It was a bit touch and go as the each round is dependent on blood results confirming that the white blood cells have recovered sufficiently.  Todays test were fine although my Neutrophil count was borderline.. reading about this R-CHOP treatment it is likely that future treatments will be around 21 days and not exactly every 21 days.

First cycle was a breeze, lets hope round two goes the same way.  One aspect of treatment is how much difference I feel from the pressure in my chest/ heart.  Prior to round one I was feeling dizzy, had breathing difficulties and not sleeping well… these symptoms disappeared almost overnight with treatment.  Heart rate has dropped from around 95 to 75… more like normal.

Hair is falling out at great rate, the number one from last week has served its purpose.  Its a novel experience rubbing suntan lotion on top (Thanks Allan for the tip) if only I remembered my lower back and I wouldn't be sunburnt at all.

So back chillin… in ward as the drugs go it.  Ange has leant me her Steve Jobs book which I plan to get into shortly.

Ahhh.. Post of the new shirt will be added shortly.


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