Monday, 30 March 2009

Motutapu - Rangitoto Traverse


Wow! Hard to find the words... Had a great half-marathon on Saturday... it was really hard work. I wasn't expecting a fast time but three hours was somewhat longer than expected.

Narrow tracks and big hills = very sore calf-muscles today.

As promised I took the camera along and managed to nab some great shots and even a bit of video footage.. note however that I am not using this as an excuse for my slow time. Check out the 3 minute video insert below for a snapshot of the event. I have edited out the wobbly bits where I almost lost it completely - thankfully no injuries.

I have also included a higher quality link below for those with fast Internet connections (P.s. Mum that is not you).

IMG_3291 IMG_3424 IMG_3219 IMG_3243 IMG_3432 IMG_3381


I will certainly be back next year.. this is by far the best off-road event in the Auckland region. I especially liked the wide range of event options, the mountain bike option looked really cool. P.S. I'm not planning an attempt on the marathon course - it looked deadly serious.

Thanks to Ash for talking me into entering this event and to Brent for the cheap ticket.

IslingtonBayNorth IMG_3253a IMG_3461IMG_3318 IMG_3396 IMG_3289 IMG_3309 IMG_3464 IMG_3249

The event was organised by Total Sport in conjunction with the Motutapu Restoration Trust. The trust are keen to raise the profile of Motutapu Island in support of their vision which is to replant large sections of Island with native trees. The campsite looks inviting and I'm definitely going to drag the family over for a visit sometime - it would be rude not to.



  1. It looks great..

  2. Looks like it was pretty hard going so well done, I think my time would be more like 5 hours. Good to see Ash having some fun there as well.

  3. Hey Don...great to catch up again! time I would prefer a nice short run to the pub! this nearly killed me!...great photo's and vid - well done! Johnny Wiltshire

  4. Hi there, I am a random stranger checking out your family's blog because I'm trying to decide whether or not to do the dual. great shots! I'm afraid I may not finish before nightfall however. May I ask what time you would normally run a half in? Evie

  5. Hi. I would have run 1:50 at that fitness level but my 3:00 time equates to quite a bit of walking up various hills (so I don't think it is a case of doubling your half time. There were quite a few walkers who did the course in 4 hours. Quite a bit of rock hopping which slows you down.

    Anyway all these details aside - it's a great event, a difficult run but it comes with a fantastic sense of achievement.

    Hope you make it over there. Cheers