Sunday, 22 March 2009

A likely fishing story

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Sunday dawned bright and sunny.. we split the biscuit bunch up: Ange took the boys to the BMX track only to find they had an event on (which proved interesting to watch) and I took Ross for a kayak around Waitemata harbour.  We then converged back at base camp for some lunch before sending Ross off on his long drive home.

Then Ange raced off to take Henry to football practice before heading out on his much anticipated wharf fishing adventure. I took Jack and James for a off-road bike ride (as they had missed out early) but it wasn't long before my assistance was required at the wharf to resolve some mechanical fishing line "issues".  Then we stumbled across the Walkers who were testing out their new kayaks..  talk about being knackered after a full-on weekend.  Sorry Ange - don't expect much painting to be done on Monday!

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