Monday, 2 February 2009

Last Days of Freedom

School starts back on Wednesday. 2009 will be other big year for the boys: fitting back in, Jack's last year at primary school and James' first year. The school bags aren't packed yet but otherwise we are all ready (and waiting) for the big day.

It has been a slow week... I spent most of it removing a few truckloads of trees that had outgrown our back yard. Ange and I have been back into town for job interviews and we are still finding that there is more unpacking and sorting to do.

On Sunday there was a community fun day down in Stafford park. A water-slide was erected on a steep bank overlooking the park and Ange took the boys for some fun.

Nothing like a bit of water and soap on plastic sheeting to keep young minds preoccupied for a FEW HOURS.


I took this somewhat grainy video but it suits the purpose and shows Jack finishing in fine style.

At least this was an improvement on his last video slide attempt - I still have to send that footage into funniest home video's.

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