Thursday, 5 February 2009

Back to School (Horay!)

JamesFirstDay IMG_2550 IMG_2557  

The boys went back to school on Wednesday, they only get two days this week as tomorrow is a public holiday (it is just like being back in France).

It all went well.  Old friendships were easily renewed and they all seemed totally relaxed.  I did miss our discussions over the school lunch menu though.. in NZ we call this the lunch-box and it is of the BYO variety.

This term Jack's class is working on the 'metric system'  - which he covered last year and he is chuffed to be off to a head start.

Sending the kids off to school at least means that Ange and I get a bit more time to organise things.  We popped in to see our accountant yesterday and we are looking forward to getting a tax refund from the government.

It has been really hot and humid in Auckland, great if you are camping near the beach but less so when we are hanging around and working at home.  Anyway it all bodes well for a long hot summer.

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  1. Bon courage pour la reprise de l'école.

    Maîtresse Hélène