Sunday, 3 August 2008

More Yellow


A few days ago Gary left a comment on my last sunflower post: "I take it you were not compelled to run through the field of Sunflowers giggling like a schoolboy\girl".

Well Gary, it seems it was just a matter of time before that happened. Yesterday we came across this massive field of sunflowers on the road between Beaumont and Issigeac. 

It certainly warranted a stop for a few minutes.

I think its quite interesting that Sunflowers are on sale at florist stands in most markets - but they are not cheap, €6,50 for a bunch of three! Which begs the question - who is buying them?

Anyway - that's enough yellow (for this year at least).
SunBank  BeeInAction  Sunflower 


  1. Love your blog! Thanks very much for the inspiration. We have just - literally three days ago - moved to a place near Fumel and it is great to hear you are all having such a great time...

  2. Thanks Lynfa, hope it is all working out for you down in Fumel. If you manage to get up around this way, give us a call and pop in for a visit. Try don(at)bisset(dot)co(dot)nz