Monday, 30 June 2008

Brocante Finds



As Don has previously exposed me I must confess to a couple of purchases at the Brocante and Vide-Greniers we have gone to. 

Following my sustainability thoughts an old green enamel bowl purchase has become our fruit bowl.  Why buy new when old is just as good? And yes the courgette in the bowl is from our garden.  My first courgette every grown, very exciting. 

My other purchase is an old demi (half) litre jug that may have been used for milk or other things in years gone by.  It has lots of markings on it and I would love to find out how old it is, so if anyone knows how I can research these markings please let me know.

The table cloth is also second hand, with the initials MC embroidered onto it.  Not sure if this was someone's initials or whether it stands   for M.....Castle or Chateau??  Again I would love to know where this gorgeous linen table cloth once came from.


IMG_5192   IMG_5190

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