Monday, 26 May 2008

Beynac Revisited

A quick post to catch up on the days other activities.  Ange took the kids and Serene out on an adventure today..  They took in the market at Saint Cyprien and revisited Beynac - an obvious highlight for the boys. 

Here are a few random snaps from the adventure.

The imposing fortress of Chateau Beynac. Looking back out to Castelnaud and Milandes (nearest).
donttouch market
Five points if you can work out what the sign says! Saint Cyprien markets


  1. Hi there Bissets, I think the sign says - DO NOT TOUCH THE ROPES OF THE ARBALETTES. Not sure of that last word!
    Have fun, be safe.


  2. Yes. That must be worth 5 points. It seems that arbalète is French for crossbow. Not sure why it is spelt this way on the sign though.

    Thanks for the comment Steve