Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Tuesday Tune-up

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Welcome to the Tuesday Ramble:

  • A few weeks ago I was really looking forward to going home but now I realise how much I will regret leaving...  one year was just too short.  I'm just starting to get more confident with the language: people are asking me for directions and I can understand them.  However even if they mistake me for a local, I certainly don't sound like one.

  • Tonight Ange and I had some 'Foie Gras' as a pre-dinner treat/snack. I jokingly offered James a taste fully expecting a "no way" response.. he came and sat with us, scoffed a helping or two and was telling us about the different pâtés or terrines he had for lunch at school.  The verdict: this wasn't the "best he had tried but it was still pretty good".

  • It great to be in Paris even if the weather is crap.. it such a vibrant city.  Ange definitely regrets not having a extra suitcase or two.  I'm just happy to chill out with a coffee and watch the city walk by.  After a pretty rural existence over the last year, city life is a big change.  Our apartment is pretty cool, even a bit trendy. The owner works in the music industry and has a larger CD collection then my mum.. which is quite something.

  • This evening I managed to find a suitable 'patch' to get video posts online.  My new camera uses a different format and all the good software is on the other computer which is in a box somewhere bound for Auckland.  This notebook is a real pain in the arse and besides it is in constant demand as an entertainment device for young minds.

  • Driving around Paris has also been good, although it is not for the feint hearted.  The one way systems work well if you know which way the traffic is going but the roundabouts are a bit more challenging.

  • We still have quite a few things we would like to do before we leave on Friday.   I'm really dreading the "final pack" - it will be pretty scary.

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  1. Great shots Don, would of thought someone else had the camera if it was not for the first shot that gives away your tell tail angles.