Monday, 8 December 2008

Last Brocante


One, well two if I'm truthful last shops at my beloved Brocante.  I dragged all the boys out to Porte de Vanves on Saturday morning to a place that I heard was pretty good.  It didn't disappoint and I could have stayed for hours.  Oh for currency exchange and baggage restrictions!! 
And then as luck would have it, a Brocante fair was on next to the place we took the boys to that afternoon for a play in the playground while I had my last shop at LIDL (stocking up on food essentials only).  Bliss, Don took the groceries home and I had a whole hour and a half to myself.  I was very restrained and the whole day only set us back 9 euros and less than 100 grams in luggage.  Job  done... for now


  1. Hi - finally got a chance to check out recent posts. Looking forward to seeing all the Brocante when you're back. We're still happy to meet you at the airport on Friday - we'd like it if you'd let us do that. Let us know what your plans are. If you guys have time on the weekend we'd love to catch up. Theresa

  2. Thanks Theresa I just sent you an email to your Xtra account.