Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Tuesday Tune-up


Welcome to the Tuesday Ramble:

  • I must admit I'm not really into this post.. a bit tired of packing and organising which seems to go on forever.  We are 80% there...... everything is boxed up and ready for transit to Toulouse tomorrow. 
  • This is a daunting prospect because I'm heading towards the freight area of the Blagnac airport, which I know will be huge and I'm looking for a grey building that says France Handling.  Actually I don't know what colour it is or even if it has a signage..  At least I can always ask someone for help.. like in French.  Anyway I keep telling myself that these are the sort of challenges that are designed to separate explorers from the tourists.
  • Birthdays... yes. My mid-lie crisis is now official over as I turned 41 yesterday.  Ange is a few months behind me and I wish she would hurry up as this mid-life crisis stuff is so like... yesterday:)
  • We had some friends over on Saturday night for a final get together.  We have got to know two families quite well and the kids have all got on really well. Their friendship and inclusion has made a big difference to stay in France this year.  They somehow found out it was my birthday (thanks James) and spoilt us rotten with birthday and going away gifts.
  • The daily runs have become an exercise in staying warm.  Today was gloriously sunny but the temperature was hovering just above zero all day.  We still haven't had any EJP days (high electricity charge) so they must still consider the temperature to be too high! I have to keep reminding myself we are travelling north this weekend.

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