Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Tuesday Tune-Up


Welcome to the Tuesday Ramble:

  • School Teachers are on strike this Thursday = no school. All this industrial action seems to be rubbing off on Jack .. he was due to be paid his hard earned pocket money at 5pm on Monday but for some reason this slipped. Anyway after dinner time he boldly stated that he won't do any dishes (start a new weeks round of chores) until he had been paid for the previous week. Bugger - now his brothers will catch on to this too.
  • Benjie and Oscar.. less than two weeks left. We will all miss you guys. Oscar, I'll miss your fearless (or somewhat blind) courage towards fast moving vehicles. Benjie your devotion to me is so awkwardly one-sided, I can only hope that some of this has rubbed off on Ange and the kids. A special thanks to both you guys for helping our boys overcome their apprehension with dogs.
  • Last week came home from a run to find a fox in the sheep paddock, Briggs and Stratton where standing their ground and starring this guy down from 2 metres. Oscar chased him off... I think we saw the same chap on the back road run the next day. Oscar chased after him.
  • My new canon camera is still in "General status. Sorting(Domestic Transit/Import): Bordeaux". I'm having to resort to a whole new camera technique.. a) only frame shots on the left side and crop out the blurred area or b) take two overlapping shots, crop left side of each and photo-merge them. Hurry up DHL!!
  • Check out the home delivery that we came across yesterday. Madame your pain de campagne has arrived. I was feeling pretty peckish by this stage of the run.

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