Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Tuesday Tune-Up

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Welcome to the Tuesday Ramble:

  • The difference of a few months: a photo of the pool and BBQ area in late May and another taken today.  We have just emptied the pool for maintenance over the winter.
  • The Biscuit Bunch is off to Carcassonne today - I'm sure that you will see plenty of pictures in subsequent posts so I won't add any here.  It is a special place, we had looked at renting in this area but I'm definitely pleased we chose the Dordogne. Even so the old city of Carcassonne is in a class of its own - as you will soon find out.
  • It seems we were a bit confused last week about the end of school holidays. Turns out school went back Wednesday not Thursday.  Our boys didn't complain and enjoyed the educational bush walk (see Jack's expression opposite).
  • Tuesday is a public holiday and there is no school on Wednesday as usual.  So we are using this mini-break to make our long overdue trip away to Carcassonne (once again refer photo opposite).
  • It's worth mentioning that Diesel is down from €1.60 (July) to €1.08 this last week.  I see the price of gold is dropping too... I bet the bottom has fallen out of the market in Saudi Arabia for gold plated bathroom accessories (I would have included a photo of me smiling but it would look awful) .
  • If you see a funny gray line through the middle of this post then send your thanks to the team at blogger who have just updated something in their system.  I'm working on it but not for long as there is still packing to do.  It's only 8pm Monday night and I have scheduled this post to go live on Tuesday morning - who would have thought I could be so organised?
  • Yes - I know, I'm a basket case.


  1. Same line has appeared on Liam's blog as well so I would assume they have changed something in the Rounders template that is affecting it. I will continue to look into but if you find anything give me a yell and I will do the same.

  2. Looks like it is the "rails_main.gif" that has been updated. I have resized mine so that it fits but it doesn't look that great so I am going to see if I can get rid of it all together.

  3. Renamed my edited version which removed it and it looks much better, so you may want to try the same thing, you could even just change the name in the Template which will prevent it from loading it.

  4. Thanks Sean - problem solved