Tuesday, 11 November 2008

My French Frustration


Check out the vending machine on the wall outside this Pharmacy in Cazals.. This has to be France's answer to "Family Friendly Hotels".


My biggest gripe with France has to be the lack of short stay family accommodation in a hotel or motel type environments. 

Sure there are plenty of holiday homes or gites, which are great in you plan on staying for a week or more. In the summer there are many good camping grounds, most have bungalows or caravans but even then they rent weekly and only open in the high season.

Lets assume there are two adults & two kids in your family: you should expect a real struggle to find decent accommodation, your choice will most likely come down to a separate bedroom with a sofa-bed in the lounge or you will have to resort to the extra expense of two adjoining hotel rooms.  However if you have three kids then don't even think about leaving the house!!! 

We have missed out on so many opportunities to spend a night in Toulouse,  Bordeaux or Carcassonne owing to the dearth of accommodation options. We are off to Carcassonne tomorrow we managed to find a place but it was very frustrating - I had given up in disgust but Ange thankfully persisted.


  1. The answer must be quite simple. The Frence don't travel in their own country. But why didn't you just booked 3 rooms.

  2. Yeah Right! Most places have a minimum age of 18 for any room.

    Hey happy birthday old man.. I know I'm a few weeks late but I had reckoned you were getting so old that you would noticed:)