Saturday, 22 November 2008

Mad Rush.. but stress levels dropping


Boxes, banks, packing, cleaning, travel agents, insurance....

We have been through all this before, in fact it was this time last year that things started to get really frantic.  The feeling of déjà vu is slightly offset as this time round everything is in french, which provides a new perspective:)

We have just transferred our remaining euro funds back to our bank in New Zealand last night.. the timing was rather fortuitous as the NZ Dollar plummeted overnight to a 10 year low against the euro.  We checked the account this morning and the transfer had gone though.  That is one major boil of stress which has been successfully lanced.

Our updated air-tickets have also arrived in my inbox last night.  These were never really at risk but were high up on the to-do list.

Packing is now our priority. We have to finalise what is going on the plane and what goes in the boxes (and the most contentious part: what gets left behind).  I have arranged to drop off our freight boxes in Toulouse next Wednesday. I'm still a bit nervous about this but nowhere near as stressed as I was two weeks ago, at least my agent in Paris seems really switched on.

In exactly three weeks time we leave Paris for Dubai.

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