Thursday, 20 November 2008

It's a Camera..

This post is 'sponsored' by Purely Gadgets (UK), a great option for purchasing electronics online in France/ Europe.  I saved around €90 on this purchase.


Arrived at: 11:49am
Weighs in at: 350g
Delivery time: 108 hours 59 mins

Yes.. the rumours were true. 

I've been trying to hide the 'bump' in recent photo's.  Some of you have commented that it looked somewhat more substantial than just the result of "wine and cheese" feasting.  Well the truth is now out. 

The last stages of the delivery was absolute torture.. I thought it wasn't going to happen. Then at around 11am I was told that  the package was moving south and then behold it just arrived,  just in time for lunch.

What a relief.

Welcome, young Canon to the Biscuit Bunch family:)


  1. Look forward to seeing the first shots or video.

  2. You must be coming up for another birthday big boy. Don't burn the house down with all the candles.
    Hope you have a good one.