Thursday, 6 November 2008

Circuits des fontaines - 4.5km

Lavaur Fam IMG_3460 IMG_3488

Our local tourist office have finally published a booklet on walking tracks in the Villefranche area. Without a guidebook it is difficult to know if you are on a public track or trespassing, which is quite important to know during the hunting season.  There are dozens of good tracks still to explore and I think we will be hard pressed to get through them all before we leave.

Today's walk started from Lavaur, a lovely hamlet around 4km from St Cernin.  Some of the tracks follow old travelling and migration routes of the middle ages and there are many interesting old things to look at (stone walls, huts and drinking holes).  The picture, bottom left, shows a cave or water spring called "la fontaine de david"; it was difficult to photograph but I could just imagine that this place as a regular stopover for weary travellers that passed by this way many hundreds of years ago.

Towards the end of the walk, James, Henry and I camped out by the side of the road while mum and Jack ran on ahead to get the car.  The walk got a "tick of approval" from the boys - we'll have to schedule another for the weekend. 

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Above:  Monkey boy does his thing
Left: The route in our Adventure Map. (The cyclist icon is a previous post)
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