Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Tuesday Tune-up

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Welcome to the Tuesday Ramble:

  • Jack and I obviously made it back from Paris, it was a great weekend but it is also good to be home.
  • Speaking of which... Our time in France is running out fast, we only have two months left. It is a real quandary as we strive to do as much as we can in the time remaining while the work effort required to organise and wrap-up this adventure is mounting fast.
  • Ange and I are trying to visit all the little towns in the wider area that have to date skipped our attention.  Today we visited Prayssac and Puy l'Evêque, two towns on the River Lot.
  • We stopped for lunch at Puy l'Evêque, the main course was kangaroo with tagliatelle pasta. It was very tasty but not as interesting as the owner and a few of the patrons, who on discovering that we were from Nouvelle-Zélande had us cornered at the bar for a good hour, chatting away in french (our french is not that good remember).  It was one of those memorable moments and Ange took this picture of the owner in front of the restaurant.
  • Sounds from France .. This song has been playing almost non-stop on the radio all summer.  Ange and I are addicts. It is one of those catchy tunes.. you have been warned.

    William Baldé, "Un rayon de Soleil"

  • Ok, now I'm listening to this song, this is not helping the production of this post.  No worries.. Hey Babe take a walk on the wild side.. Unnnn rayon.....   no women no cry......Ahhh
  • Can't work in these conditions.. Don signing out.

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  1. great tune! I have been reading your blog from start to present in the last couple of days. very enjoyable!