Thursday, 9 October 2008

Tuesday Tune-Up


Welcome to the Tuesday Wednesday Ramble:

  • Wednesday Tune-Up doesn't quite rhyme does it - especially when many of you will only read this on Thursday.  The good thing about being your own blog boss is that I get to declare that the timing of all posts is intentional.
  • James was off school yesterday (Tuesday), he has a strep throat and a high temperature.  I took him to the doctor in Villefranche, who seems a really nice guy and he even speaks a little english.  We managed to overcome the language hurdles and James is on a course of antibiotics.  He was prescribed Augmentin, which comes in a powder form which we get to mix up ourselves: another novel experience.
  • We have been lucky this year, touch wood, as this was our first proper visit to the doctor.  Back in March Jack had to get a medical clearance for football.  I also used the opportunity yesterday to also get a clearance certificate for the Toulouse marathon.  Please remind me to do a post on how the health system works in France - I'm sure you will find it interesting.
  • James and Jack have both been doing extra hours at school on Mondays and Thursday.  It is part of a special assistance program run by the education department, to ensure kids don't fall behind.  In this case it is providing them extra language help.  Henry has not been included in the program, which is quite interesting but I won't go into lots of detail. 
  • Of all our boys, the full immersion into French school has been hardest on Jack.  For this reason and as an incentive for these extra school hours, I am going to take Jack away on a special secret treat this weekend - I'll have to make it up to the other boys at some stage.  I can't tell what we will be doing because it's a secret.  However one of these photo's opposite conceals a clue: the first person to correctly guess where we are going and what we are going to see will win a prize.  I don't know what the prize is because I haven't got it yet but I promise it will be worth the effort to submit your guess, click on comment button below.  Immediate family excluded, aka Ange that means you.
  • Like everyone else, we are watching the global financial meltdown with lots of interest.  The NZ Dollar is now trading at 43 cents to the Euro, that is down 14 cents from when we exchanged our funds for this adventure.  I wonder how much further this will drop when Bollard cuts the interest rate.
  • I have started a crash training program to get me at least half-ready for Toulouse on the 26th.  It is a bit of a shock to the system going from 24km a week up to 60km and the legs are sore.  Yesterday was rest day which means I'm due for a long run this afternoon..  I am very wary of hunters as at this time of year the place is crawling with them, especially on weekends, I have taken to wearing my bright cycling tops.
  • Ange took this photo of me typing up this post.  Yes, I know I need a haircut, our local coiffure is closed until the 10th.  I am holding a cast iron plaque for our house back home.. picked it up for the bargain prize of €3.
  • We have started to plan our return to the land of the long white cloud. December is still our preferred timing but there are lots of loose ends that need to be sorted.  We have both started to feel a bit homesick but even so we certainly are not in a rush to leave France or see this adventure come to an end.


  1. Is it Paris??? From Amy

  2. and you will be going up the Eiffel Tower? (Amy again)

  3. Is this my niece Amy, from Timaru? If it is then you are very warm on the first effort, not so much on the second. But you are certainly in the running for the prize.

    If you are not Amy from Timaru then you are hopelessly lost, way off the mark. Go back to eating your cornflakes.

  4. Yes its me! Arc de Triomphe? Citedes sciences? Centre Pompidou? Louvre? Ballet? Opera? Soccer Game? Rugby Game? Museums? Pantheon? Castles? Amy :0)

  5. Amy - you are on the right road (opps is that another hint).

  6. Ummm.....Paris Disneyland? Zoo? Thoiry African Reserve? (Amy - again)

  7. Good stuff Amy.. Lots of places I have never even heard of.
    I will have to check them out, it is always good to know what is going on in the city..

    You are still warm. But its late and Ange and I are off to bed. I'll check back on this tomorrow.

    Is there anyone else out there?

  8. Champs-Elysées? Conciergerie? Forum des Halles? Grand Palais? Jardin des Tuileries? Jardin du Luxembourg? Notre-Dame Cathedral? Parc Asterix? Camping les Etangs Fleuris near Touquin? Camping la Croix du Vieux Pont? Amy

  9. I know! You are taking Jack to Paris and staying at the Hilton Hotel there! (Amy)

  10. Your going to Paris, and your going to become paparazzi? Or visit the Bastille? Or purchase a mercedes? Buy hats, chase blondes?

    (not amy)

  11. Gary and Amy... you both have scored good points.. but you are running out of time: Jack and I are leaving tomorrow.

    I suggest you give google a whirl.. have a closer look at the name (file name) of the photo in question.

    Put you trust in google... the answer is floating up near the top results. Not the very top mind you.

  12. Amy I think you really want that prize but I should prbably warn you that I still haven't seen a back log of Movie tickes that Don was meant to give me from 5 years ago, never the less hope you get the prize as no-one else as bothered other than Gary and I can tell he is hoping that it will be any of those so he can get pictures.

  13. My guess would be the Paris Auto Show possibly.

  14. I bet he is right (about the car show)...........:0( Amy

  15. And young Amy was sooo close. Good effort and well done to all contributors. Those clues were getting pretty obvious at the end, the next competition will have to be harder.

    I declare we have three winners.. well done Amy, Gary and Sean. Thanks for your ongoing support of the blog, prizes will be dispatched shortly but as Sean indicated they may take a year or three to arrive.

    P.s. So those buggers at Beca never sent you the movie tickets. Cheap skates! :)

  16. Don't worry Amy, despite Sean's bad experience which I don't doubt for a second, Don will definitely find something very French and maybe Parisian this weekend as prizes. Thanks for playing, it was fun.

  17. I tend to think that I was just on the blog at the right time so no prize needed and I'm sure Amy would have got it the next go, baby advice can be my prize.

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  19. It was a fun game and help filled in some of the school holidays trying to find the answer. Amy. Hello to Jack, Henry and James!