Friday, 24 October 2008

Off Road

Ange and I went for a late morning off-road run from Blanquefort-sur-Briolance.  I suggested we run the track in reverse (there must have been a good reason?) but we ended up losing the track. As a result our 10km run turned into a 4km.. neither of us were complaining. We plan to go back tomorrow and do it again.  It was really beautiful, the track was quite steep but had great views.

WhatSortofRunningPoiseIsThat Blanquefort-sur-Briolance GoodSign oldBridge


  1. I take it the sign mean's no hunting or picking mushrooms. If so I hope the shot from the next post wasn't from the same run.

  2. It was really reassuring to see the sign for no hunting while running through dense bush. Hopefully everyone always obeys the rules like we do.