Sunday, 26 October 2008

Home School Wednesday

SchoolWednesday Jack has been on at me this week to publish this poster (to show his grandma and nana). This was his mini-project on Wednesday (writing practice).
It wasn't that easy to scan and I had to cut and paste bits around.... sorry Jack. Yes I know. Sorry! What if I take a picture of you with the original as well. The smile has it.

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  1. Hi Jack,

    I was so pleased to see your project you have been working on – and I thought it was really cool. You did is really nicely and your teacher must have been very pleased. Also a nice photo of you.

    I was shopping with a friend today at Warehouse Stationery and saw all the bright colours of card and it reminded me of all the nice Xmas cards we used to make when you came and spent the day with me in the Christmas holidays.

    Thank you for sending me that fab. Picture of you holding your project – it looked very professionally done.

    Looking forward to seeing you!

    Cheers Grandma

    PS Love to your brothers and Mom and Dad