Sunday, 12 October 2008

Eiffel By Night


Courtesy Wikipedia

After our visit to the Champ de Mars last night, Jack was dying to get back there tonight and this time go up the tower, please can we dad. So that's what we did.

I'm not sure what looks better, the new blue euro look or the old. You decide. We waited around 30 minutes to get into the lifts, expecting only to get to the 2nd level as the top was closed. It turned out that it wasn't so we made it to the top after all.

We kept looking towards Montmartre as we had seen the setup for a fireworks display.. eventually at 11:15pm the show started. Jack seemed to have a great time and was conflicted as to the highlight of his weekend.. After some reflection the Motor Show was awarded 10 out of 10; Eiffel was either 9 or 9 and half..... Here is some more video.

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  1. The blue is pretty cool, but I do love the "normal" gold lights on the Eiffel Tower. But nothing beats being there in person, so I can't wait until my return visit in December. Until then though these photos will have to do. Thanks Don and Jack.