Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Tuesday Tune-Up

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Welcome to the Tuesday ramble:

  • Autumn is on the way.  Leaves are starting to change colour and the pool temperature is hovering around 21ºC. We hope to hang on to this warm weather for another month before getting all the winter gear out. Clocks go forward this weekend!
  • We had a spectacular hail storm last week, a bit of flooding and lots of excitement.  Sun came out soon after, a bit like Auckland weather really.
  • Had a great time last week with Lorraine and Ed. It has been good to have Kiwi visitors to help remind us that our roots are deeply buried down in Aotearoa.
  • Jack has started up football again and has a couple of practices under his belt.  Not sure when the first game is as that would involve asking someone - too hard.  I'll get Ange onto it.
  • The French air force have been really busy today, not sure what they are practicing for but it certainly involves lots of low flying at high speed. Maybe they are also out looking for mushrooms?
  • The effects of the global economic meltdown are starting to sink in down here in the south west. Our favourite wine has gone up from €1.79 to €1.99 a bottle, I'm not sure how much of this inflationary pressure our budget can withstand. We might have to switch to drinking the cheap stuff:)
  • Went for a solo bike ride today.. Ange sprung a flat just as we were about to leave.  I have to fix it tomorrow so we can get out on Thursday.
  • This last photo was taken looking through an artillery turret at Castelnaud la Chapelle.
  • Well - I  need to sign off. Kids want to watch a movie on this computer and Ange is calling me to open the wine.  Cheers.


  1. Hi, can you confirm the health or otherwise of Briggs and Stratton? They havent been seen for quite sometime on your blog, hopefully they havent become the good ol' kiwi fare for any of your guests!

  2. No they are in very good shape.. we have been waiting for all the guests to leave before firing up that BBQ. Photo's pending!