Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Tuesday Tune-Up

IMG_9062 Dfly  

Welcome to the Tuesday Ramble:

  • Haven't seen many hunters around yesterday or today.. Sunday must be their big day out.  Hunting for mushrooms will take on a new urgency on Thursday morning.  I will be wearing my bright yellow cycling vest and making lots of noise to ensure that I don't look or sound like a wild animal. 

  • The kids are settling back into school. No real complaints, James is definitely having the most fun and was disappointed he couldn't go to school on Saturday. Jack was excited about the sport events and training that he has been doing at his school on Friday and Monday.

  • Football season has started up again and we think that Jack's first practice is on this Saturday. I need to look into this.

  • Lorraine and Ed arrive on Saturday afternoon. We are looking forward to our next visitors and thinking about all the different places we can take them.

  • We stopped off in Castillonnés this morning - see post below for some pictures.  It was market day and we needed fresh suppliers as the output from our veggie garden has fallen away.. except for the courgette plant which is still producing more than we can eat.

  • Ange took a few photo's of a huge Dragon Fly that followed her into the house and was reluctant to leave. It eventually left and hadn't been back for a visit.

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