Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Tuesday Tune-Up


Welcome to the Tuesday Ramble:

  • We have spent six days on the beach on this last trip but I have not yet seen a single local or tourist wearing a rash vest.  They don't sell them in the shops and no one wears them (or even hats for that matter). 
  • Instead all the shops still sell sun tan oil and the most popular sun cream is SPF 5!!!!!!  Initially Ange and I were both stunned into silence but then the reality dawned on us..  the ozone layer in this hemisphere is still very much intact and you don't burn as easily. Back in NZ, on a sunny day, any exposed skin would get burn within 15 or certainly within 30 minutes.
  • All of the Biscuit Bunch have seen a lot of sun this summer but we have yet to experience the slightest hint of red or burnt skin let alone peeling.  Of course we are still applying lots of SPF cover-up. The locals just seem immune to the whole concept of skin cancer.  The boys shower time rituals reminds us of the old copper-tone ad, you know the tanned skin with exposed white bum. Even so, compared to these brown skinned locals, we still  look like a tribe of Man United supporters who have just climbed out of an airport taxi.
  • As previously reported the "Back to School" challenge is now upon us..  this will consume lots of energy and patience from all of us.  Tomorrow is "home school Wednesday" and Ange and I plan to focus on the respective troublesome areas for each of the boys.
  • Rapallo, Italy. One restaurant charged us 5x€2=€10 (NZD$20) as a cleaning charge for the table cloth and napkins... At first I though it was a service charge but I asked and translation permitting I am sure it was for the napkins.  Anyway, after we found this out we made sure we got good mileage out of them. James found a novel use as pictured.
  • We had a BBQ tonight. Our first one in quite a few weeks and I got accused of not attending to my responsibilities and letting the sausages get burned.  My retort was (of course) that the ozone is thicker and hence they would taste just as good.  Crispy sausage - yummy.
  • I saw the biggest mushroom of my whole life tonight, while collecting more fire kindling (in the dark).  I plan to squeeze out a quick post on these giant mushrooms tomorrow after I have taken some pictures of the beasts.
  • Jack and I picked the first bunch of grapes off our grape-vines today.  Most of our grapes still need another week or two but this bunch look big enough.  The taste was pleasantly surprising - a hint of lychee. 

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