Monday, 22 September 2008

Prats du Perigord Vide Grenier

Yes, I'm afraid I have been at it again, out shopping!!  All on my own as Don and the boys didn't have the patience to come, don't blame them I am a slow... shopper.  After I returned home and started recalling the adventure to Don and the boys it dawned on me that it was almost a community duty to attend :)


Prats is about 10 minutes drive from St Cernin and is in the same school district as the boys.  I saw many people from the school there so there was much "bonjour"ing and "ca va?" which was great. 

The neighbours boys had a stall as did another acquaintance and I managed to buy something from both of them.  So all in all I was getting into the community spirit and getting out there amongst the locals being one of them. 

All good stuff and hey I got some nice things to take home as well.


  1. Ange.. Don't you think that a post like this needs some hint to how cheap all this cheap stuff was..

    What did it all cost, was it €5 or €10?? I'm sure your readers would be interested.. this one would be anyway!

  2. What readers... it's only you and I isn't it? €10 all up, pretty good for some solid brass and steel (not sure about shipping costs)

  3. I think I would be looking at moderating this 'don' chaps comments if I were you Ange.