Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Tuesday Tune-up

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Welcome to the Tuesday Ramble:

  • Our fridge has been on the blink this last week, at least the freezer is working but the fridge part isn't.  Fortunately there are at least two other (small) fridges around the house/ property, so we are managing but everything is crammed in.
  • Tots Corner have published a booklet on their journey of recycling, titled "We're catching ideas..." It is a great insight into the childs perspective of all things.  Well done to Lorraine, Fran and all the team - this is a fantastic booklet and its reaffirms our (the parents) belief in the quality of, and your commitment to, the environment at Tots Corner.
  • Henry was very proud to read his quote "Things that are broken are not really broken they are just ready to be used by us at tots". James was over the moon to see his photo and those of all his friends, especially other James and Benjamin.
  • Lainey left us on us on Saturday bound back for Ireland via Carcassonne. It was great to catch up again, she is really one of life's interesting people. We are all into the mint tea now:)
  • The Award Goes to...  for two posts in a row. Well done Ange.
  • James has made huge progress in the pool. From being in arm bands just two weeks ago to swimming a full length with big arms. Well done little guy!  (kick kick kick - I hear Ros shouting)
  • Needless to say the pool has been getting good use.  The mercury was back up to 38ºC today. Here is Henry's jump, he wanted me to take a video of him (after Jack's recent posting) - maybe another time.
  • Ros and I went shopping to Fumel  this morning. I think mum was quite taken by the supermarket.  We came home past Bonaguil castle and some friendly Dutch tourists took this picture for us.
  • Ange has had a few extra volunteers for her evening run. Jack is now a veteran of two outings.  Not to be outdone James got dressed in this special running gear after his breakfast because he wanted to be ready. 

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