Sunday, 31 August 2008

Home Sweet Home

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We arrived home today from our big camping trip where we clocked up around 3000 kilometres. The map above shows our stopovers and is pretty accurate except for the trip from the Interlaken (C) to Sion (D), we went over Grimsel Pass but Google won't let me select that route for some reason.

We mostly stuck to motorways between stop-overs and then tried to avoid them when touring around. The motorways in Europe are really impressive: summer (school) holidays finish this weekend all across Europe and everyone is on their way home, we got stuck in one or two jams but they cleared up quickly and we were able to get back to the 130km/hour speed limit. Road tolls are quite reasonable: in total we spent around €110 on tolls which is not that bad, especially considering we must clocked over 150km travelling through tunnels.

I really stuffed up with my technology on this trip. Firstly, before we left I bought a universal 15v car adaptor and as a result didn't bother taking along my standard AC power which in hindsight was a big mistake. The car adaptor only worked when the car was running and my notebook battery proved pretty useless, then the AC connection broke half-way into the trip. Second, I somehow managed to leave the cell phone battery on the desk at home. So for most of the trip it was like going back 20 years to when we travelled without Internet, email or cell phones; only this time we didn't even have our travellers bible: "Lets go Europe - 1987 edition".

We survived and arrived home at a reasonable hour in a relaxed state. The kids were hanging out to watch a movie as two weeks without modern entertainment can be a challenge for young minds. Ange and I were keen to kick back and relax over some wine and nibbles underneath the grape vines. It is nice to be home.

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