Sunday, 24 August 2008

Au Revoir Switzerland

AirforceBase NearVerticleJetFallOverGrimselPassLookingIntoRhoneValleySuspendedBridgeNotSoWarm  

Leaving Switzerland today...  I've got Ange driving so I can use this 'downtime' to catch up on some blogging.  Sorted!

These last few days have been great, these mountains are just amazing!  Jack has added Rock Climbing and Paragliding to his "what I want to be when I'm grown up list".  This list is getting quite long these days.

Switzerland is an amazing county in many respects, it is amusing how people on one side of the mountain range speak French and on the other side speak German. The Swiss are very multi-lingual which makes for a refreshing change from France.  Food was quite expensive, both at supermarkets and eating out.

We left Interlaken yesterday and travelled across the Grimsel pass (2165m) and down into the Rhone River valley right past the glacier which is the source of the Rhone River.  We encountered an unexpected special treat as we passed the military air-base outside Brienz. A squadron of Swiss jets were practicing low aerial flying and put on quite a show for our wannabe pilots.

Today we are heading up the Great St Bernard Pass across the border into Italy. This famous route dates back to the bronze age and was the path that Napoleon's army used to invade Italy in 1800. It is also the origin of St Bernard breed of dogs.   These days the route is considerably shorter thanks to the impressive Great St Bernard tunnel which is 6km long and is 2000m above sea level - the border control is housed within the tunnel.

I have especially enjoyed driving, the roads are very good and allow you to get up close and personal with the mountains.  Plenty of cool places to stop as you can see in the pictures opposite.

Since we only had one night in Sion we decided to go upmarket.  This bungalow tent has two sleeping rooms and an open plan living / kitchen area. Check it out.


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  1. Well done on getting the photo of the Jet. Ive never thought of Switzerland as a destination but I want to drive through that pass now.