Thursday, 31 July 2008

Yellow Joy


Both Ange and I have always loved sunflowers, so imagine our surprise when these all these endless fields of some unknown crop turned out in fact to be sunflowers.  We are totally clueless..

We have been running on the same track since well before planting and have ignorantly watched these crops mature and it seems only in the last few weeks that we finally clicked.. sure we had been away, but...  but..   I just don't have an excuse, I feel like such an idiot.

The result is amazing, we seem to be almost surrounded by these fields of sunflowers. The two shots directly below are from the long valley road heading out from Saint Cernin to Fontenilles on the route of our "daily" run.

Sun3Field SunField SunflowersWhiZpast  FlowerFocus SunflowersWhiZpast2

1 comment:

  1. I take it you were not compelled to run through the field of Sunflowers giggling like a schoolboy\girl.

    There is something about sunflowers that makes me think of my last great meal. I guess its just the warm fuzzies. Great photos.