Sunday, 13 July 2008

Touring Car


Back in January I had promised Delwyn from Peugeot NZ a picture of us having fun with our EuroLease car.

I have already posted a few entries about the car, from the infamous deer accident to how the flexible seating works out so well for the Biscuit Bunch.

Anyway this is the latest post, a great photo of Jack and James with the car with a hint of the coast in the background.  Ange is just out of sight helping Henry out of his togs.  This photo was taken at Zarautz beach in northern Spain last week. 

It was around 800km to get there and back and we must have clocked up 300 km in our touring around Spain. We are getting just over 900km to a full tank, which is very economical.

I would definitely recommend Peugeot EuroLease.  

  • Our Peugeot 307SW has a lot of room that certainly swallows up the family.
  • The interchangeable/ removable seats are the best feature, especially for arranging the boys in the back. 
  • The glass roof offers amazing panoramic views.
  • Peugeot Assistance were absolutely fantastic in arranging a replacement rental while the car was being repaired after the deer accident.
  • The only downside has to be the bright red number plates which shouts out "Tourist" like a well endowed topless sunbather at a church convention.

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  1. So where's the picture of the topless sunbather?