Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Tuesday Tune-Up

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Welcome to the Tuesday Ramble:

  • Last Friday I did some volunteer work on a local farm replacing a deer fence. It was hot and heavy work but I really enjoyed myself and will jump at the chance to help out again.  It involved driving timber pilings to raise the height of an old fence line.  Lunch was good, as always in France it was a three course affair and included a beer and few wines.  It is really hard to get started again after a lunch like that.
  • The boys had their last football game just over a week ago (I forgot to mention it in last weeks tune-up).  It was a club open day and both Henry and James were recruited into the team.  James was really into it despite being one of the smallest players on the field.
  • On the subject of football we were very disappointed with France's performance in the UEFA cup. It was Rugby world cup déjà vu: here we were (again) supporting one of the strongest teams only to see them bomb out early.
  • It was the school sports day today and it was held at the Stade at St.Cernin.  It was interesting to watch and see how the kids are getting on in the "school" environment. At one stage I was watching James compete in the "throw different objects into different hoops" event.  The organiser was rambling away in french, I could see that James was not only listening carefully but also closely watching the other kids. It took him a few seconds to figure out what was going on and then he was into it with gusto. It was a priceless moment, I just wanted to run up to him and give him a big hug (but Ange held me back).
  • The end of French school year beacons next Friday (4th July) kicking off two months of school holidays. The kids are ecstatic - it is just like Christmas! How many more sleeps dad?
  • In September Jack will move up to the senior school which is in St. Cernin.  Again details are sketchy and I suspect it will be very interesting (for all of us). 
  • This Saturday the school is putting on a play/féte/parents evening. We have the invitation but we not too sure what to expect. Henry tells us he will be a crab and we not allowed to laugh. I reckon that his teacher is hoping that he'll sit on a rock and stay put. 
  • Have I mentioned the weather yet.  I worry that if I keep mentioning how nice and hot it is then my visitor stats from New Zealand will dry up (no pun intended).  Anyway I should mention that it was a cool 32°C at 21h00 last night making it just perfect for dinner outside on the patio.  These snaps to the left were from lunch today, it was a bit cooler, only 30°C. Summer has arrived just in time.
  • The school has its annual school trip next Monday.  It is an overnight trip to La Rochelle on the west coast. They leave Le Got school at 07h00 on Monday morning and return back at 22h00 on Tuesday night.  What will mum and dad get up to you ask? It is a good question I wonder what Ange is planning?

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