Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Tuesday Tuneup

Le Gaulois Auberge à la Ferme
imageFish and Chips à la Anglais FishandChips

Welcome to my "regular" Tuesday ramble:

  • Best of luck to Kevin and Chrissy for this weekends "King of the Bays" ocean swim event - I'm very jealous.  Kevin we expect you to be first overall and not just first in the men's open section - kick faster dude.
  • We leave for London in just a few days now (Saturday) and there is still a fair bit of planning to do.
  • We have been introduced to some neighbours around the corner who own an Auberge (restaurant) that is based on a Gaul theme (aka Obelix) it is called Le Gaulois.
  • They run farm tours through their farm of deer and wild pigs. The restaurant looks fantastic and is run off a set menu which includes a "pig on the spit" type meals.  This looks like it will be a great place to take visitors.
  • On Saturday we went to a BBQ-Curry Evening with the two British families that also have kids at Le Got. Didn't get much French practice but it was a great evening. Kids had fish and chips which went down a treat:)
  • Had a meeting at the school on Monday to discuss boys progress. It was quite positive but it is hard going and they still need all our support.
  • Been watching the breaking news unfold on the school river trip tragedy in NZ - very sad.
And finally:

Here is the promised picture of Morfeat our illusive cat enjoying some one on one time with James.


  1. Hi All
    Just writing to say how much I enjoy your blog. You are showing great commitment with the updates.
    Also Happy Birthday Ange for the 21st. I am sure you will enjoy your visit to London. Will you be popping along to THE CHURCH if if still exists?


  2. Thanks for the comments Ross. Still think you should charge up the Visa and pop by for a visit. The church, now that a loaded question - I think those experiences are best left for the scrapbook!

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  4. Hi Ross, thanks for your wishes I fully intend to enjoy my birthday to the max! You are only young once hey? Agree with Don, think we will miss THE church but are planning a birthday meal out at Khan's Indian.. remember that place?

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