Thursday, 24 April 2008

Natural History Museum

Wow! Today's adventure was just another museum - or was it. The museum has seen a few changes since I last visited and today is in a league of its own when it comes to excitement factor for young minds. 

Once again entry was free for everyone - a very cheap excursion.  The first stop was the Dinosaur exhibition which blew us away, it was totally amazing. This was followed by the Mammal exhibition, a stop for lunch then the Earth Treasury (rocks, minerals and gemstones), the Creepy Crawlies and finally the Earth dome which included a volcano and earthquake exhibition.

A totally knackered biscuit bunch spent what was left of the afternoon in the Princess Di Memorial park, a cool kids playground at the Bayswater end of Hyde Park.
IMG_3764 IMG_3770 IMG_3736IMG_3768 ThumbsUp IMG_3777   IMG_3824 IMG_3805 IMG_3833

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