Monday, 3 March 2008

Père-Lachaise Cemetery

I have always wanted to visit the Père-Lachaise cemetery, not only to check out the final resting place of Jim Morrison but also to check out all the grand old gothic tombstones with names that are lost to history. 

Given the cemetery was just a few hundred metres down the road, it was a must-do-stop on our Paris adventure and it didn't disappoint.

We spent a good hour wondering around, tracked down Morrison and Chopin. Turns out that the city have removed all the graffiti after complaints from other residents (?), that would be their families I presume.  I also took some shots of a few tombstones which I found interesting and I will have to try and find what these guys did before they ended up in this place. It could just fill the spot on a boring blog day.

  PereLachaise4 PereLachaise3 PereLachaise2


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