Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Ecole du Got Mazeyrolles

First day of school. Mum and dad were more nervous than the kids. The teachers were very nice and it seems to have gone very well. There were no tears! That must be a good sign.

School starts at 9am and finishes at 4:15pm.  There are around 45 children, separated in two classroom  areas.  James is with the younger kids while Jack and Henry are in the same class in different streams.  They break at 12 (midi) for a sit down lunch for an hour which is followed by playtime.

The boys were excited about lunch and, to our surprise, told us that they ate most of it.  Another good sign: see the post on this weeks menu.

Jack was very excited as he got to play football. Some boys said something to him in French and he recognised the word "football" and he said "oui".  He scored two goals - which was the joint highlight of his day along with lunch.

LeGotSchool The school at Le Got.

The playground area is out of picture on the left and there is a smaller play area for the younger kids out of picture on the right.  The cafeteria is in another building.

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  1. Hi Jack, Matt here. I looked on your blog and saw you scored two goals, well done!
    I am going back to school tomorrow and I hope you are having a good time at your new school.
    I will miss you in my class, I wonder who I will play with, will let you know. Bye for now your friend Matt. :-)
    Hi guys sounds like its all going smoothly so far with not many hiccups! And Ange I'm loving those jim jams luv, you must let me know where to purchase from!! :-)
    Cheers Deb