Tuesday, 6 November 2007


CAHORS, surrounded on three sides by on the River Lot, was the capital of the old province of Quercy. In its time, it has been a Gallic settlement; a Roman town; a briefly held Moorish possession; a town under English rule; a bastion of Catholicism in the Wars of Religion and sacked in consequence by Henri IV.

Pont ValentrĂ©. The unique 14th century fortified ValentrĂ© bridge. This medieval masterpiece is the city’s hallmark and said to be the most photographed sight in France, outside Paris. In the Middle Ages it was a well-worn part of the pilgrim trail to Santiago de Compostela and is still used for the purpose even today. A splendid example of fourteenth century architecture.


Photo: CDT Lot Jean MaureillePhoto: CDT Lot Rachel RocherieuxPhoto: CDT Lot Jean Maureille

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