Sunday, 19 August 2012

The New Roof

The renovations at the Biscuit Mansion have been moving along at a steady pace.. a bit like a 90 year old with a zimmer frame.  It is great to see the project take shape but I can't really say that we are having fun.  No we are spending far too much money for this to be anywhere near enjoyable. Our builders, Selah Construction have been sort of OK.  We toyed with replacing them.. things were really dragging out and their pre-construction project performance left a lot to be desired. Anyway Now that things are underway its a case of better the devil you know and we have a really good rapport with the project manager.

The ROOF - The ROOF - The ROOF is on fire.   Or it would be if it hadn't been pissing with rain for the last two months.  We have a gapping huge hole where our kitchen used to be and the itsy bitsy canvas is only just keeping things dry.  No southerlies please!   This week maybe - probably - we just might get a new roof.  It all has to come off and will leave a much bigger hole then we have now. Forecast is for rain but fuck it..  I don't care any more. It just needs to happen.

STEEL…  We have lots of solid steel structure replacing some pretty flimsy timber.  At least the borer will break their teeth on that stuff.  We still need to reinforce some of the balustrade before we invite a certain CEO over for dinner or a BBQ.  Pretty sure the structural engineer factored that bad boy into his calculations.

DOORS…  The big bi-fold fuckers have finally arrived.  But they need to be painted - that was todays excitement - I'm very excited. They get installed on Tuesday and glass goes in on Thursday.  Our house will be whole again.. assuming they put the fucking roof back on!!!

KITCHEN..  We are sick and tired of cooking in the laundry.  Actually I haven't done this yet…  but I'm pretty sure this is how Ange feels. I do the take-aways nights. It will be good to get the kitchen back - its going to look fantastic.  Dinner invitations will be on a first come - first served basis.

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