Tuesday, 6 January 2009


After a rather long day travelling north to Auckland, we finally able drive down our driveway, reclaim our home and restart our lives back in NZ.  Shuttles, Flights, in fact everything was on time and we had no drama whatsoever.  The best news of the day was that all our belongings in storage were dry and undamaged after the wettest NZ winter in 10 years.  This is all thanks to a combination of good planning, positive thinking and an seemingly endless supply of good luck. 

Unpacking will take us a full week and then we'll still have to deal with a huge pile of left over junk.  Ange has her heart set on a garage sale, I almost suggested calling this a "brocante" or vide-grenier" but then I released she would most likely buy up everything on offer, so we'll stick with garage sale.

Our boxes from France are just a few days away.. they have arrived in Auckland and I'm working through the customs and MAF procedures which help keep our great country free of nasty pests.

Speaking of little pests, our three have been having a great time re-exploring the house, finding old toys and generally bashing the shit out of their trampoline at the bottom of the garden.  They are definitely pleased to be home.  Henry has taken over Jack's room and Jack is camping in with James until his new room is ready.  They all had haircuts todays, well overdue but we are sticking with the long rebel look. 

I had now gone almost two weeks without access to the Internet which, I've decided, must be exactly what it feels like to be a heroin addict going into detox.  My wrists are still intact but only just. A very special thank to Vodafone who have delivered our broadband two weeks earlier than expected/ contracted...  

As this post will bare witness, I'm back online.  Phew.

I'm definitely still missing France but at the same time it is great to be home. We have all had to switch out of 'France Mode' and back into 'Kiwi Mode' - this must sound a bit clichéd but it is very real and strange feeling.

One thing I am not missing is the northern winter.  Summer is just great, especially the long warm evenings.  I feel we have cheated the seasons and I don't feel the slightest bit guilty. Check out the temperatures for Paris.. Brrrrrrrr. 



  1. Hope the un-packing isn't too arduous but at least you are able to go to sleep in your own beds again. Hope your live-in took care of the place for you as I've been told that he is a bit dodgy.

  2. You definitely should not be missing our winter. We had -10ºC last week, and this morning it was -8ºC. Brrrrrrr. We're jealous of your southern winter.