Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Camp Long, Agay, Côte d'Azur


By midday Monday the lack of Internet and cell phone access had started to bite, a little. We had made a few stops and detours only to find that the good spots had no vacancies and the spots with vacancies were no good.  The route was scenic enough but young boys don't enjoy travelling in the back seat for too long. Stress levels were rising and we needed a haven.....

Camp Long was our first stop after being turned away from a great campsite that was not only just across the road from the beach but had great facilities which included a pool with a water slide and a kids playground.  Comparatively Camp Long had very basic facilities and we were a bit squashed in but all this paled into insignificance when the family stumbled onto the beach.  It was beautiful, quite secluded and great for kids.  Our tent was pitched a bit close to the road which was noisy during the night but some cotton buds fixed that problem.  We finally had our base from which to explore a range of coastline from Saint Tropez in the south to Cannes in the north. We ended up staying three nights and had a great time.

The restaurant on the beach was pretty good but then our "do it yourself" option at our tent wasn't that far behind.   It turns out that all the boys needed was a stretch of sandy beach and that was just as well because that was the best and only attraction of the campsite. 

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